Monday, June 01, 2015

Patriot Act Dies Formal Death, Long Live Spying!

Yes, Hannah, the hated Patriot Act died a lingering death at midnight Sunday with the White House ninnies crying, 'the sky will rain terrorists' and Senators pontificating to an empty chamber, but the reality is the United States will keep on spying hard. The Act's replacement is likely to pass the Senate having already recieved approval from the House, and the Current Occupant lobbying in favor. The Senate voted to end debate on the replacement bill, ending a mini-filibuster that carried the Patriot Act into official history. The even more misleadingly titled "USA Freedom Act" maintains most of the snooping provisions of the Patriot Act except for the mass collection of meta-data from landline calls by Americans, the unused 'lone wolf' suspect collection authority and so-called 'roving wiretaps' provision. In fact the NSA views the Freedom Act as a major win for continued survelliance since private phone companies will now collect and hold the meta-data. Not only is the Freedom Act practically a carte blanche, but there are other ways the world's largest spy organization can snoop on you, too, the old fashioned way--by getting a subpoena. The secret FISA court hardly ever turns the government down.  Big Brother is still watching.