Saturday, July 16, 2016

COTW: Not Obama's Fault?

Daily Kos is running some social trend charts labeled, "not Obama's fault". US Person thinks these charts are also not Obama's fault, but then he has done precious little to counteract the militaristic influence on 'Merican police departments.  Perhaps fifteen years of uninterrupted war abroad has some noxious domestic side effects?  Even a casual member of this society knows mass shooting incidents are on the rise as its marginal members loose grip on reality and morality. Persons who perpetrate such horrendous attacks are truly "dead-enders". Their only remaining goal in life is to take as many other humans with them as they check out of "Hotel California" forever, and we provide the means. Here's the FBI chart:

As society becomes more dangerously violent, police are also loosing their grip except for the one they have on their holster. Blacks, who occupy lower social strata, and do not have the means to insulate themselves from police violence are receiving the brunt of the malfeasance, as this chart shows:

Blacks are about 13% of 'Merican population, but are more than three times as likely to be killed by police.  The disparities are even more glaring when racial categories are broken down by age in the CDC chart:

To be a young black man in 'Merica is to walk the streets with a target on your back.  The rate of police homicide for them is seven times the average of all races combined.  Native Americans still suffer the from the historic hostility of the European occupiers.  So, no, these statistics are not "Obama's fault".  This despicable situation is a symptom of 'Merica's original sins: genocide, slavery and segregation.  As the first black President, Obama was irrationally expected to absolve us of these.  But 'Merica does not get to pass "GO" so easily.