Friday, July 22, 2016

'Toontime: They Said It Could Not Be Done

credit: Adam Zyglis, Buffalo News
Well, "he dodit", as Bugs Bunny said.  US Person had the same sickening feeling when a beguiled 'Merican public voted a former B-list actor and corporate pitchman their President.  This time his nausea is greater because the current pretender has even less talent and ability than Ronnie Raygun.  A narcissistic, scamming billionaire, who uses foreign press conferences to tout his latest real estate venture, is only one political contest away from the oval room against an opponent who is herself damaged goods.  That fact is testament not to Donald Trump's ability to lead a floppy-disk nation, but to the ideological bankruptcy of the plutocratic front.  America has to wake up from its delusional dream of once-upon-a-time in greater [white] 'Merica that is stolen from Ronnie.  Ronnie, of course, stole it from an obscure failed artist from Austria--a good theme deserves a reprise.  But if Americans are to actually have a non-negative future in a nation that remotely adheres to its professed principles of equality and democracy, they must first reject the Prince of Darkness and all his works.

BC Idonwanna sez:  You have future in blogosphere!
credit: Steve Sack, Star Tribune