Friday, July 01, 2016

'Toontime: The Un-Choice

credit: Jeff Danziger

Wackydoodle axes: Y'all got a license for that roscoe? 
It is enough to make you vote Green! If the latest Quinnipac poll means anything, 'Mericans do not expect either major party candidate will make a good president.  Independent voters, the much talked about "swing vote", are evenly split in their negative opinion about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  The poll also shows the two candidates are running about evenly with Clinton at 42% and Trump at 40%.  This horse race predicament of national politics which is increasingly apparent, shows why the United States needs a viable third party and direct popular election of the most powerful person in the country. As the popular song says, "suicide brings many changes".  Does America have to commit such a desperate act to bring the changes it needs?