Thursday, July 28, 2016

COTW: The Only Map that Counts

And so it begins in earnest, the counting and recounting of electoral votes in the 2016 cycle. This map produced by a self-proclaimed Libertarian--that curious combination of social liberty coupled to capitalist economics--blogging at is as good as any and somewhat humorous to boot:

As we all should know it takes 270 of the super voters to be installed in the oval room of the White House. The map shows Ms. Clinton with 347 votes based on her carrying states her husband won in 1992 and 96 plus several swing states. The conservative tilt to the Democratic ticket is intended to encroach on GOP territory in the Midwest and South marked here as the "Racist Belt"; our featured blogger names this strategy the "Electoral Axis of Evil". Amen to that, brother. US Person, aka "Brand X" thinks Ms. Clinton's margin of victory will be closer than that, perhaps below 300. If this prediction comes to past, US Person is relieved he will not have to immigrate.