Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Articles Are A'Comin'

Yes, folks, as US Person posted months ago, the Donald appears to be headed toward the same proceedings as 'Liar Bill'.  Democratic Congressman Al Green told the press that Articles of Impeachment are being drawn up.  Under the Constitution impeachment proceedings must originate in the House and be tried by the Senate.  Green also revealed that he is receiving racists threats, but he is undeterred in his efforts to introduce a bill of particulars into the House.  The word "impeachment" has been bandied about on the Hill frequently since the firing of FBI Director Comey and Trump's apparent efforts to derail the Russian Connection investigation were revealed.  Any effort to impeach the President for obstruction faces long odds against success since both legislative bodies are controlled by Repugnants.  It takes a two-thirds majority to win a conviction in the Senate.  Bill Clinton won that vote easily with all Democratic Senators voting to acquit him of perjury and obstruction.

Democrats are accusing the Trump Circus of directing federal agencies not to respond to routine requests for information from Democratic members.  This lack of cooperation is a departure from long standing practice of previous administrations from both sides.  Two hundred written requests by Democrats have gone unanswered since Trump took office.  “The fact that they just turn their back on [congressional] oversight is part of a deeper syndrome, which is no respect for separation of powers, no respect for how the Constitution set up our government. It’s going to hurt the country, and it’s going to hurt them,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on Tuesday.  Trump's cruel and extreme budget has been declared a non-starter, even by his own caucus in the Senate.  Trump's public approval rating is already low and likely to fall even lower: