Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Putin Pays Trump"

Those are the words used by the House Majority Leader in a private conversation leaked to the press. An explosive allegation to say the least.  WaPo is reporting that Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said in a recorded private conversation that he thinks then candidate Donald Trump is the beneficiary of payments from the Russian President along with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), a known supporter of the Russian President.  When the comment was disparaged by his interlocutors, he added an oath.  Of course McCarthy's comment could be totally without factual basis--just boys in the locker room blowing off steam--but the fact that a high level politician with access to intelligence information not public made such a damaging assertion an eye-opener.

This fact is established: investigation of the Russian connection is not going away soon regardless of the President's frantic twiting that it is a "witch hunt".  The firing of FBI Director Comey, admittedly over the "Russian thing", is  reminiscent of Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre. Trump, in conversation with Russian ambassadors, called Comey a "nut job". There is plenty of political animosity in the Deep State to keep the probe moving forward regardless of Trump's attempted obstruction.  After the firing the President made a veiled threat to Comey via his favorite social media outlet, saying he [Comey] "better hope" there are no secret tapes of their conversations at the White House.  Michael Flynn, the former Trump security advisor fired for his unauthorized conversations with the Russian ambassador is not cooperating with the Senate's inquiry, either.  Significantly, a special counsel has now been appointed to oversee the Russian connection investigation.  Will Trumpet survive his first term in office?  The markets are nervous, and Washington is full of long knives, so stay tuned.