Friday, May 26, 2017

'Toontime: The "A" List

credit: Steve Sack, Star Tribune
BC Idonwanna sez: Duterte no get memo!

Der Speigle has nailed it after the gaff-filled Trump trip to Europe and the Mid East designed to distract the 'Merican public from his mounting problems within the Beltway.  The German newspaper's conclusion: Trumpster is a danger to the Republic. Perhaps the Washington elite is finally waking up to that fact. The United States cannot afford more enemies at this point in its checkered history, and the arrogance of its 45th talking head is alienating allies and encouraging enemies.  Just ask the President of Montenegro! Sure it is a speck on the Balkan map, but Montenegro is a member state of the European Union and astride the immigration route to Europe from the Middle East.  It would be nice to have their cooperation.  Trump is not starring in a "reality" TV show, he is supposed to be guiding a great nation-state, and cooperatively, the western world.  After 120 days in office, he is failing in that job.  If this were "The Apprentice" he would be fired.  In the words of one journalist covering Trump, "Trump behaves not unlike a small child that bites and scratches to get the loving attention it wants". Crazy?  Look whose setting up a bunker in the White House.  "Bad, very bad" to quote the Trumpet.