Monday, May 08, 2017

COTW: Biggest Spender

OK, so you tell US Person the figures and charts about how much the US spends on its military are distorted and biased and only reflect his anti-military, anti-corporate world view.  Try these charts [credit Dan Steinbock] on for size:

Even when the figures are adjusted for population size, the US still comes out at the top, only behind its Mid East ally and client state, Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom spends $2000 per person on its military establishment, while the US spends $1900.  Notice that Russia spends less per capita than Germany, South Korea and the UK.  Over the past decade its military spending has increased by only 6%.  So how can the Trumpster justify a $54 billion dollar (10%) increase in one year for the US military?  He cannot given the current world situation, but the thing about the Donald is that he never lets reality get in his way.