Friday, May 05, 2017

Toontime: The Return of Hillary?

credit: Bob Englehart
The Democrats have a severe problem.  Not as bad as Trumpism, but almost.  The problem is they have no one credible enough to run against Trump in four years, which is saying something about the quality of their leadership.  Obama is history, and too busy enriching himself at the troughs of corporate 'Merica.  The only change he brought about was a reactionary lurch to the left at the end of his two terms and a giant albatross of a health care program that is not living up to its billing.  Obamacare did save the insurance industry from public sector competition, however.  For that he is being richly rewarded. The Obamas have reportedly signed a book deal worth $60-65 million in addition to a $400,000 speaking fee!

Then there is Hillary.  What can US Person say about her that is nice?   She stood by her man?   That was a political calculation from the start.  The fact is Hillary Clinton has no credibility remaining after the campaign of 2016, and worse of all she lost to the Donald, a man the pundits thought was unelectable  That fact demonstrates what her basic problem as a politician is:  she is not believed by the electorate.  Beside that, there is a core constituency between the coasts that will not elect a woman to the presidency.  Sexism, bigotry, misogyny, call it what you will, it exists and even at this late date appears not to be disappearing into the dustbin of history.

Chuck Schummer, the Democratic Senate Minority Leader?  He might has well be wearing a tag on his back that says, "Property of Wall Street"  Bernie Sanders could conceivably run again, but he would be four years older, and many voters thought he was too old to withstand the rigors of the office this time around.  Another touted politician, Elizabeth Warren aka "Pocahontas" , has less of chance of being elected President than 'crooked' Hillary did.  So the Democrats are going to have to do some severe soul searching in the interim and decide if they really want to be the "peoples' party" or just a warmer version of Repugnant plutocracy.

credit: Nate Beeler, Columbus Dispatch
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